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Cisco 2960 port rate OIDs

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.   Fa0/1 input bytes

.  Fa0/1 output bytes

.  Fa0/1 description

.   Fa0/1 input rate bits/sec

.   Fa0/1 input rate packets/sec

.   Fa0/1 output rate bits/sec

.   Fa0/1 output rate packets/sec


10001 – 10024  port Fa0/1 – Fa0/24

10101 – 10102  port Gi0/1 – Gi0/2

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Cisco 3850-12XS port rate OIDs

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. Te1/0/1 out rate bps

. Te1/0/2 out rate bps

. Te1/0/3 out rate bps

. Te1/0/4 out rate bps

. Te1/0/5 out rate bps

. Te1/0/6 out rate bps

. Te1/0/7 out rate bps

. Te1/0/8 out rate bps

. Te1/0/9 out rate bps

. Te1/0/10 out rate bps

. Te1/0/11 out rate bps

. Te1/0/12 out rate bps


. Te1/0/1 out rate pps

. Te1/0/2 out rate pps

. Te1/0/3 out rate pps

. Te1/0/4 out rate pps

. Te1/0/5 out rate pps

. Te1/0/6 out rate pps

. Te1/0/7 out rate pps

. Te1/0/8 out rate pps

. Te1/0/9 out rate pps

. Te1/0/10 out rate pps

. Te1/0/11 out rate pps

. Te1/0/12 out rate pps



. Te1/0/1 in rate bps

. Te1/0/2 in rate bps

. Te1/0/3 in rate bps

. Te1/0/4 in rate bps

. Te1/0/5 in rate bps

. Te1/0/6 in rate bps

. Te1/0/7 in rate bps

. Te1/0/8 in rate bps

. Te1/0/9 in rate bps

. Te1/0/10 in rate bps

. Te1/0/11 in rate bps

. Te1/0/12 in rate bps


. Te1/0/1 in rate pps

. Te1/0/2 in rate pps

. Te1/0/3 in rate pps

. Te1/0/4 in rate pps

. Te1/0/5 in rate pps

. Te1/0/6 in rate pps

. Te1/0/7 in rate pps

. Te1/0/8 in rate pps

. Te1/0/9 in rate pps

. Te1/0/10 in rate pps

. Te1/0/11 in rate pps

. Te1/0/12 in rate pps



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MVR multicast protocol layer 2

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Multicast VLAN Registration protocol in Cisco switches deliver multicast packets received from a source VLAN to destination VLAN. Multicast routing has to be disabled when MVR is enabled. Multicast traffic can be delivered to the source VLAN by a port. This port can be work in trunk or access mode. Multicast traffic will be received from destination VLAN by a port or ports. These ports have to works in access mode only. These ports call subscribers ports.
When we want to configure MVR in a switch we have to configure in global configuration and in subscribers ports.
In the global configuration, we set up source VLAN and a  multicast group which will be transferred do the destination VLAN to the subscriber’s ports.

mvr vlan 611
mvr querytime 10
mvr mode dynamic
mvr group
mvr group
mvr group

In subscriber’s ports are configured multicast groups which we needed receive.

interface FastEthernet0/24
 switchport access vlan 621
 switchport mode access
 mvr type receiver
 mvr vlan 611 group
 mvr vlan 611 group
 mvr vlan 611 group
 mvr immediate
Parallel to the MVR protocol can work properly IGMP protocol.

ip igmp snooping vlan 621 static 0100.5e00.020a interface Fa0/24
ip igmp snooping vlan 621 static 0100.5e28.0a08 interface Fa0/24


ip igmp snooping vlan 621 static interface Fa0/24
ip igmp snooping vlan 621 static interface Fa0/24
ip igmp snooping vlan 621 static interface Fa0/24